Wednesday, 4 May 2016

DraftSight 2016 SP1 Release Notes

I’m always curious to see what updates are included when DraftSight is upgraded. If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re curious too!

# Description
633303 Adds the ability to open different drawing files in the same session of DraftSight or to launch them in separate sessions.
736751 Corrects the wrong wording issue in German help documentation (Was: AnUrsprungspositionEinfügen => Now: ANQUELLPOSITIONEINFÜGEN).
903525 Fixes the DraftSight Free version customized installation location path failure problem.
915153 Improves the Find and Replace command behavior after consecutive times of text replacement.
927942 Improves the text note masking background behavior and consistency when viewing and printing.
927991 Removes the repeating Qt5Core.dll warning dialog box when opening a drawing file.
932952 Improves stability of DraftSight when applying customized command in Classic Default and Ribbon workspaces.
932954 Fixes the duplicated entries issue for customized command in Ribbon workspace on each restart.
938922 Corrects the auto-loading of LISP files not working problem.

If you’ve been curious about the System Requirements for running DraftSight 2016. check out the table below.



Michał Ćwięka said...

i see that you're following draftsight news so maybe you will be able to support me somehow, as i can see community on draftsight's support webpage is quite small.

i'm experiencing problem with latest sp2 performnce, draftsight is laggy and unresponsive even with very basic drawings
Switching to 16bit colors help a little bit, but with more complex drawings it is still not possible to work.

i have to mention that on my older laptop i have draftsight v1r5.1.x64 with intel hd 4000 and it is working all right, so i would expect that never and more powerful intel 520 should work better while it is not..

do you know what i can do with that?
do you know where can i find older version to test what is the root cause (either new draftsight, intel 520 or my windows 7 installation)?



CAD Monkey said...

Hi Michal,

Have you tried checking out the support options over at:

You need to sign up, but it is free.

What OS are you using? How much RAM have you got?

If you're running 64bit Windows, it really needs at least 4GB Ram just for Windows itself. 8GB would allow DraftSight to run well.

The other thing to check out is if there is an update for your graphics card. This can have a dramatic effect on performance.

One last thing is to use a product like Ccleaner (free from Piriform) to cleanup temp files from your PC.

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