Thursday, 9 July 2015

Groove Festival 2015

Just some pictures from this years Groove Festival in Kilruddery House in Bray.

11700767_1113692135311653_6249047870843353787_oIf you go down in the woods today…

11223358_1113692148644985_3209860433925895017_oYou’re sure of a big surprise.

11411805_1113681965312670_2121197052275731410_oLike a music festival with Mark Geary playing.

11537342_1113681941979339_6271650659608442090_oOr Michelle from Bunoscionn bashing the bongos.

11696367_1113682088645991_2067757013390564456_oPerhaps even Mal from The Riptide Movement giving it socks!

11696501_1113682018645998_1974846095953725069_oDelorentos playing their new single, so good they played it three times!

10257791_1113681871979346_5064266324263080725_oA raggle taggle gypsy from Bunoscionn.

11698819_1113681978646002_977689083815927675_oHey, don’t I know you from somewhere… Aren’t you Clark Kent?

11539258_1113682231979310_7490372576934975350_oHey Mr. Darkness, get your hands off my woman…

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