Thursday, 28 May 2015

Draftsight 2015 Not Starting - Windows 7 32bit

I've been using the free version of Draftsight at home (I have a pro licence on my work laptop) and I recently updated it to Draftsight 2015.

Ever since I did, Draftsight would crash on startup. It was very annoying as you can imagine.  I uninstalled, cleaned the registry, removed anything that may have been left over from previous installs, but nothing would work.  It still crashed on startup.

Eventually I came up with a plan. I went in to the properties of the Draftsight shortcut, the compatibility and ticked them all.

I ran Draftsight and it worked. Great news!  One by one I went in and unticked the selections in compatibility mode and tried Draftsight each time.

Every time it worked, every time till I unticked Run in 256 colors.  Draftsight wouldn't start.

That seemed so suggest it was a graphics driver issue.  I checked for an update, none was available (my home laptop is getting on in years). I wondered what to do... I went in to the graphics properties and changed from 32bit colour depth to 16 bit colour depth and just like that, Draftsight ran.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has faced such an issue, so hopefully someone out there will find this helpful!


CADChris said...

Very helpful; thank you. I updated my DraftSight to 2015 today and it was crashing upon startup. I thought it was Windows 10 (which I just installed the other day), so I restored Windows 7 and had the same problem.

Now, however, what to do about having to work in 16-bit? I use a lot of other graphics programs, such as SketchUp and Photoshop and the lower quality just won't do. Any thoughts?

Thanks much! Your post got me operational again. :)

CAD Monkey said...

Hi Chris.

Since updating to Windows 10 Pro, I've set the display back to 32bit colour and Draftsight 2015 SP3 is working fine.

Have you tried updating your graphics driver?

CADChris said...

I did so by purchasing a new computer. It worked...for the most part.

Now I have a problem in which my referenced images don't display properly. The inserted graphic disappears into a solid color or just a few gray pixels upon scrolling or executing a command. It comes back with reloading or taking some kind of action on the image itself, but any other command makes it disappear again.

I updated the drivers that said new computer came with and tried a few other recommendations from the DraftSight Community, but to no avail.

So I'm kind of back to where I was on August 10th...

Advait Mohan said...

I am having the same issue of startup crash with draftsight on Windows 7 32bit. My graphic drivers are updated. The software is running on 16 bit but not on 32 bit. And I am not able to find a working solution to this anywhere. Any kind of help would be appreciated!

George Morrison said...

Thanks, that fixed my issue.

Kwok Lau said...

Hi I noticed, the crasht too. I also noticed when you start Draftsight in the Main screen (if you are using multiple screens it doesn't crash.

max den said...

Amazing post

timb said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I have been searching for the solution to the crash issue for quite sometime. Changing from 32 bit to 16 bit color depth was the answer!

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