Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Teaching CAD…

In my spare time I teach CAD.  I do one on one lessons, that way I can give more attention to the student.

Normally I will teach AutoCAD as that’s what most companies have installed.  Last night though, I was helping out a college student.  She had an educational version of AutoCAD, but found the interface too cluttered, too distracting. After we chatted for a while, she told me she was dyslexic.

I must admit, I was slightly phased by this. After all, I had just handed her a bunch of notes!  Would she cope with them?  Turns out that my liberal use of graphics made life a lot easier! Anyway, I fired up DraftSight on my laptop and showed her the interface.  For those unfamiliar with it, it has, by default, a less cluttered interface.  I suggested we download and install it to see what she thought.

Well, 2 hours later, after finishing the 2 tutorials I had planned for that night, I had my answer.  She found the interface much easier to use and seemed very happy with her work, as was I.

We have more lessons planned,  hopefully they will go equally as well.

Check out the two interfaces below:

AutoCAD 2015 Interface

draftsight    DraftSight Interface

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