Monday, 13 October 2014

DraftSight 2015…

With the release of DraftSight 2015, free users will be able to activate a trial version of DraftSight Professional by simply clicking the “Start DraftSight Professional Trial” button in the menu bar at the top of the graphics area.  This will launch a 30 day trial where users can discover all of the productivity features available in the Professional and enterprise versions of DraftSight.

What’s new in FREE DraftSight?

•Recent Documents

By clicking the F4 button on the keyboard, the last 12 drawing files opened will graphically appear in the window. The user will simply need to click the image to open a specific file. NOTE: This feature is available for ALL versions of DraftSight. Watch the video
•Improved Table Editing

Users now have more flexibility with editing and inserting Tables.

What’s new in PREMIUM (Enterprise and Professional)?

•Power Trim

Users can trim and extend entities simply by dragging the cursor over the objects to be modified. There is no need for selecting boundary lines.

•Dimension Pallet

The use of the dimension pallet will allow the users the ability to update the formatting of all dimensions in place without the need to use the Properties Palette.


This is one of the more requested updates to DraftSight by our users. In one command, users a can now rotate, move, copy and even scale entities.

•Delete Duplicates

This command will allow users to clean up their drawing file by deleting lines that are created on top of existing lines. For lines that overlap each other, using this command will merge the two entities together.

•G-Code Generator

Using the G-code generator will allow users the ability to create the G-code for the machining of the part. G-Code is an NC (numerically controlled) programming language used for controlling automated machine tools.

•Toolbox updates

Toolbox updates in DraftSight 2015 include a reorganized and simplified options menu where users can access a central options dialog for all of their toolbox settings.  Also, new is the inclusion of Screw Connections. With Screw connection, users will be able ti insert hardware stack-ups that are typical in assembly drawings.  These stack-ups will include all of the necessary hardware such as Bolts, Washers and Nuts.

•Design Library update

With the new version of Design Library the user will be able to navigate to any file and be able to select a block, text style, lines style or dimension style for their current file.

System requirements

  • No new hardware or graphics requirements.
  • Note: Outdated graphic drivers might need updating
  • Operating Systems
  • Dropped Microsoft ® XP support
  • Dropped Linux 32 bit support
  • Added Linux 64 bit support

The following SPRs have also been resolved:

SPR Brief Description
598275 P4 PRINT: Add the ability to customize paper size for built-in printers
638992 P4 The PDF exported from DraftSight is of larger size than exported from other CAD applications.
765339 Ability to disable the license is going to expire soon message on client machines.
803324 DraftSight crashes when trying to open the attached drawing
808506 Generic: Application Crash when closing BatchPrint status dialog
745876 PRINT to PDF is not working for particular sheet in this file *File Specific*
765303 No notification message pop up to return borrowed DraftSight Enterprise SNL license
795998 FILL: Block Preview is Distorted for filled entities
798062 Please make it mandatory for a user to have activated free DraftSight before being able to use the trial code.
802929 Table Preview is blurred
802950 Macro build in C++ Native do not create rectangle and polygon when Run Macro
803050 dxfout command ignores the entities that you want to be exported and instead exports the entire drawing
804674 Upgrade: No entities are displayed in GA with NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards after Upgrade (follow up from 801341)
809170 Draftsight hangs along with flickering of Reference pane when reset profile .
815014 Macro toolbar is not added once we checkbox for same in toolbar dialog
815480 Remove the expiration date from Windows SP0 release.
815793 SPELLCHECK: Command is not working
817563 DRAWINGSTANDARDS: DraftSight hangs when new Drawing standard tab in Options need to close from task manager
822762 *MacOS* Print : UI issue with Print dialog box text
822764 *MacOS* Print : Notice blinking issue when change radio button/ checkbox options on db
822770 *MacOS* Print: Specify window option is not working correctly
822779 *MacOS* DraftSight hangs if drag 'Standard' toolbar inside GA from Tool Matrix
823835 Draftsight hatch fill is not seen when export to PDF
824474 Icon with '?' shown for license and info in the Help menu (F.O.803740 )
824556 *MacOS* : Only Properties Tab is showing in Tool Matrix > Standard toolbar
824562 New 'Mouse Gesture' option is added in Tools drop down list when we add 'New Menu' in Customize Interface & restart DraftSight
824839 *MacOS* Print: Some radio tabs and text disappears when change Radio tab option in 'Print range' and switch between 'Print range' & 'Paper size'
826074 *MacOS* Command window is in Black color at start unable to read text
826856 Draftsight gives error on registering EPDM addin

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