Tuesday, 26 August 2014

DraftSight V1R5.2 Released…

I don’t know how this slipped pass me, but DraftSight V1R5.2 was released back in July. So, what’s new and what’s fixed, well:

What is new?

  • Quality release, no new functionalities added.

What has been fixed?

  • Incorrect results when explode hatch inside   Circle, Arc, Splines.
  • Points in DraftSight do not print.
  • -LAYER command (run from command line) with OFF * (All) option doesn't work in V1R5.1
  • Insert block does not remember the path set   for Library path
  • ToolBox> JIS > Hardware > TYPE of   JIS B 1182 : Please delete the unnecessary character of "Square Head   Bolt".
  • On Ubuntu machine, the file name saved with   Russian characters shows error when opening it.
  • LINUX UBUNTU: The License agreement during   installation on Ubuntu in Russian language shows as question marks.
  • The Find command cannot find parentheses.
  • P4 ContinueDimension: Dimension value is   wrong when the viewport scale not 1:1.

You can download DraftSight V1R5.2 from here.

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