Tuesday, 1 April 2014

DraftSight V1R5.1 Released…

The latest incarnation of DraftSight has been released.  You can download it from here.

V1R5.1 is a Quality Release fixing already known issues such as:

Here are some of the resolved issues:

  • 770343 Design Library options are grayed out if cancel INSERT dialog
  • 768069 Change link to buy DraftSight in the HELP menu to point to www.DraftSight.com/BuyProfessional
  • 765377 Drawing opens up empty (no entities shown)
  • 765177 *LINUX* Fedora20 :Draftsight unable to run after installation
  • 764670 *DraftSight tests* All the tests are failing with Image size change. *Affecting the test runs of DraftSight tests*
  • 762802 RUSSIAN: junk characters in driver incompatibility warning.
  • 762799 Toolbars Checked from Specify toolbars are unchecked when reset profile
  • 762542 Menus added get disappear on reset profile from menubar
  • 761940 Draftsight Crash when close Draftsight after selecting print tab from toolbar
  • 761939 Cloud command is missing in Mousegesture list
  • 761786 Need to increment DraftSight File versionings in V1R5.1 and V1R6Beta1 
  • 760151 Wrong hardware size in description field of Hardware dialog.
  • 757197 EDITNOTE:Bulleted or Numbered moves leftward if select all and move  mouse cursor by pressing left click.
  • 755598 Japanese: ToolBox> JIS > Hardware > The Japanese translation of some bolt names is not carried out.
  • 754522 DraftSight MAC: Installation does not create sample files in My Drawing folder
  • 753886 DraftSight crash when load partlist and DockcontrolMFC dll and select tab drawcicle from HellocircleMFC pane
  • 753486 Design library gives crash when try to drag other sample while cmd for insertion of one sample is running
  • 753046 Japanese: When Custom Standards is created from JIS, translation of Description Format of a part of BOLTS is different.
  • 750569 Layer command gets error in Model tab after sorting the Active ViewPort of sheet tab.
  • 750267 Can't open a DXF file
  • 723931 PROCESS VERIFICATION: make sure the final build is signed (Done after red=0)
  • 631693 P4 DraftSight does not take the fraction input while drawing entities.


John Pantzer said...

Hi. You seem to know quite a bit about DraftSight. Is there any way to have Windows7 display thumbnails of DS dwg files in the File Explorer when viewing is set to Medium or Large Icons? All I've ever seen with DS is a white paper with the DS logo for the file icon. AutoCAD would show a miniature preview of the file.

CAD Monkey said...

Hi John.

My drawings appear as thumbnails, or at least most of them do, with the Draftsight logo superimposed on them.

The only other CAD software I have installed is Autodesk DWG Trueview which I use for plotting (I get many plotting profiles for various people) and I wonder is that why I have a thumbnail preview.

Trueview is a fee download from Autodesk and can be got here:

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