Saturday, 23 November 2013

Death of a Legend…


It was announced earlier in the week that as of December 20th 2013, Winamp will be no more.

I first started using it back in the late 90s, just around the time that MP3 files were first starting to make an impression. It was, for along time at least, the best music player out there.  It was simple to use and and had an easy to manage interface.  Unfortunately it seems destined for the great digital graveyard.

I’ve continued to use Winamp as my media player of choice when having a party as it is so easy to edit the playlist on the fly… Don’t like the next tune on the play list, just remove it with a click.  Want to hear the 52nd track on he list next rather than waiting an hour, just drag it up the list. Simplicity itself.

If you haven’t tried out Winamp or had simply forgot all about it, pop over to before it’s too late and they remove the download.

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