Monday, 16 September 2013

DraftSight V1R4.0 Released

The latest version of DraftSight, the free CAD package from Dassault, has been released for Windows 32 and 64 Bit, OS X, Fedora and Ubuntu. While they are all V1R4.0, it should be noted that the OSX and Linus releases are still classed as Beta. You can download your chosen version here.

What's new in V1R4.0? Well…

Windows 7 Preview: This feature will show a preview thumbnail for each opened DraftSight file when a user hovers over the DraftSight taskbar button. This functionality allows the user to activate/close a document through the taskbar button.

Enhancements to EXPORTPDF - Dialog boxes have been combined for ease of use (DraftSight for Windows only).

Slide Library: A slide library is a file containing one or more slides. Slide library files are used for creating custom image tile menus and for combining several slide files for convenient file management. Users can create slide libraries from slide files using the MAKESLIDELIBRARY utility. After users have set up a slide library, they can view slides by specifying the name of the slide library and the slide (DraftSight for Windows only).

Print Scale List: We have a list of some pre-defined scales that can be used to setup view scale size in ratio to model space. Instead of calculating size and setting up that size at each place, users can use the pre-defined scales to speed up tasks – being able to add to the pre-defined scale list, edit values and remove unwanted scales.

True Type Font improvements for Asian texts.

Migration to ODA3.8.

Enhancements to DraftSight APIs (application programming interfaces) (for the Enterprise Pack Offering for DraftSight only).

The name changed for DraftSight Premium Pack to the Enterprise Pack Offering for DraftSight.

The addition of a Drawing compare tool to the Enterprise Pack Offering for DraftSight (formerly the Premium Pack).  This add-on can be used to graphically compare entities between two drawing documents. The differences between the drawings are displayed in color codes. Note: Drawing Compare compares the bitmaps of two drawings at the bit level. Only visual changes are captured when the drawings are compared. For example, if you move an annotation 2mm to the left, this change is reflected in the comparison. Conversely, if you change a custom property such as the Description, this does not reflect in the comparison (DraftSight for Windows only).

The addition of a Design Library to the Enterprise Pack Offering for DraftSight (formerly the Premium Pack). This add-on utilizes a tab in DraftSight's task pane to provide a central location for user-defined reusable elements, such as blocks. These elements are added to the drawing file and contain the properties associated with the content file, such as Line Style and Layers. Simply drag and drop the content from the palette into the task pane (DraftSight for Windows only).

The addition of Toolbox for DraftSight to the Enterprise Pack Offering for DraftSight (formerly the Premium Pack) (DraftSight for Windows only).

I haven’t installed it as of yet myself, my PC is in the throws of dying and I’m trying to back it up, but I will probably install it on my Netbook tonight.

It’s great to see the updates coming thick and fast for DraftSight, long may it continue.

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