Tuesday, 9 July 2013

DraftSight V1R3.2 Released...


Dassault have released the latest version of DraftSight. Download DraftSight V1R3.2 here.

Release Notes:

  • System requirements: No new hardware or graphics requirements. For minimum system requirements, click here. Note: Outdated graphic drivers may need updating.
  • Support for Windows Vista (32 bit and 64 bit) is no longer available.
  • Support for Linux Suse and Mandriva is no longer available.
  • Installation notes: no change
  • Activation: No change. The Activation dialog (free Version *only*) is still displayed at start up.
  • New Features: Quality release, no new functionalities added.
Resolved Issues:
  • Resolve options for EditPolyline when using Pan transparently.
  • DraftSight V1R3.1 does not save the proxy settings.
  • Using ESNAPs on a block containing another large block causes a drop of performance.
  • Retain the paper size of a print configuration (.cfg).
  • Unexpected behavior when snapping block lines, visual intersection appear when not enabled.
  • UI and options customizations are not kept after closing and launching DraftSight.
  • Print and Export to PDF: does not export the Japanese letters in True Type fonts.
  • Support dimensions with the TRIM and EXTEND commands.
  • Remove extra space character added to the name of a layer created through macro.
  • Text space in drawing, created in China, doubles after editing the text.
  • Cannot change a layer to active layer with command macro.
  • Support AutoCAD R2013 file format.
  • Ability to define lisp callable functions from an API.
  • "<>" replaces the text of the same value to the real value when edit the dimension.
  • Add the ability to toggle the display of field background.
  • Add information about EXPLODETEXT and TXTEXT commands in the documentation Help menu (user guide).
  • DraftSight GetEntities gets entities of type dsLineType when not included in SelectionFilter.
  • Add the ability to convert existing splines and ellipses to polylines.
  • Clicking on Right Mouse Button will display a context menu without a command option.
  • Adding line to existing block is shown thin and gray (as it would not belong to the block).
  • Assigning a print configuration(.cfg) is not saved - config.map file not consistently updated.
  • Print to PDF with print configuration and multiple sheets – the name of the PDF files must be entered several times.
  • LISP SETVAR command does assign to CADSUP new values.
  • Visual Studio 2010 on x64 PC cannot build this add-in correctly.
  • Saving a drawing with DraftSight creates imperfections (dots) in Windows Explorer preview pane.
  • ROTATE cmd: Entity snap does is not consistently efficient when defining rotation.
  • (IToolbarItem > Enable)Cannot enable and disable toolbar items when toolbars are loaded with DST Add-ins.
  • EDITBLOCKATTRIBUTE and delete attribute data does not remove attribute content.
  • Hole Chart: Add ability to insert a Hole Chart or Hole Table.
  • The .emf is not exported correctly.
  • Please add notification that license is going to expire soon.
  • Performance issue when selecting a dimension and maximum zooming with mouse wheel.
  • Delay on launch if no internet connection is available.
  • ENBLENTSELHLT (highlight) system variable is not honored.
  • LISP TRANS command does not extract values of Viewport Custom Scale and Standard Scale.
  • Selection experience is improper for 'Fill' type hatch.
  • DIMENSIONSTYLE: The option 'Scale dimensions according to sheet' is not honored by 'Leader' and 'Tolerance' entities.
  • Update and complete Help Files.
  • Changes to Default Library Files Location are not effective.
  • Font does not appear in Model space as in Text dialog box.
  • Issue with SETTXTRES (textqlty) sys.var when print texts with TT fonts.
  • Hebrew Text does not appear in the drawing but in the Edit Note.
  • Highlight HATCH FILL type on selection.
  • Allow splines to move when using the Stretch command to move a Group containing splines.
  • Windows meta file (wmf) export option is missing.
  • Add information about UPDATEBLOCKATTRIBUTES in the User Guide.
  • Japanese font: A question mark is displayed instead of the text.
  • Display Korean font correctly.
  • Display Hebrew text in graphics area from right to left.
  • CIRCLE - TTT option must work when specifying tangencies on two lines and a circle/ arc.

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