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Online Maps for DraftSight


Are you using DraftSight? Have you ever wanted to integrate a map into your drawing but found it too awkward, too cumbersome to do? Well Graebert / DraftSight have released a plug-in to make it easier.

Online Maps for DraftSight is available for free from the Market for DraftSight. It requires DraftSight V1R3.1 and you do have to register, but it is free and it works well. Online Maps for DraftSight is powered by ArcGIS Online from Esri.

Hopefully this will be the first of many plug-ins available for DraftSight.


Sam said…
Not working for Latest DraftSight 2015 .
am i doing Something Wrong?
Sam said…
Not working for Latest DraftSight 2015 .
am i doing Something Wrong?
CAD Monkey said…
Hi Sam. I've mentioned that to the DraftSight people and they are looking in to it.

Have you tried re-installing Online Maps? I haven't had the time to do that yet myself.
Doug said…
Ya no connection to server

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