Thursday, 11 October 2012

DraftSight V1R3 Released

The latest version of Draftsight, Version 1R3 was released yesterday.

“What are the changes?” I hear you ask, well first and foremost. I’ll try to give some of the highlights below.

  1. Align Viewport command: This feature adds new functionality to the VIEWPORT command to align viewports by picking on the geometry inside of a viewport. Users will be able to align viewports horizontally and vertically by selecting on entities within each view port. Objects snaps can be used for precise location.
  2. Revision Cloud command: This tool helps to highlight annotations and other objects.  There will be a variety of shapes to choose from such as rectangular, elliptical and freehand.
  3. In-place TEXT Editor: DraftSight now supports an in-place text editor for note and simple note.
  4. Explode text: Text can be exploded into editable entities using the EXPLODETEXT command.
  5. Memory Improvement: Significant improvements in reducing the memory consumed when opening drawings. (Up to 30% less memory than V1R2.1.)
  6. Windows 8 Support: DraftSight V1R3 is supported on Windows 8 64-bit.
  7. 64 bit version: DraftSight has now introduced a 64-bit version for Windows.
      • Users need to port their 32-bit add-ins to the 64-bit platform for the add-ins to work on 64-bit machines since V1R3 blocks 32-bit installations of DraftSight on 64-bit OS. (If you’re not sure if your version is 32-bit or 64-bit read this post:
      • Some signatures to the API were changed so C++ add-ins need to be recompiled using the new C++ SDK.

To read more about this update, check out this post on the support forums.

To download the latest version of DraftSight, head over to


babu said...

how to install draftsight in windows 8-32bit

CAD Monkey said...

Have you tried installing the 32Bit version on Windows 8?

Anonymous said...

Text editor is now more unstable. It was a delight to use in the first release.

CAD Monkey said...

Hi Anonymous. What sort of issues have you had witht he text editor? Have you updated to V1R3.1 yet? If not, give that a go. If you have, have you made the Draftsight team aware of the problem?

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