Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Autodesk buys Socialcam….


Autodesk are shopping again. Today it was announced that they are to purchase Socialcam for a cool $60million. Just what does Socialcam do? I hear you ask… Well, according to their website, Socialcam is a smartphone application that makes it easy to share videos with friends.

A lot has changed at Autodesk in the last few years. Once upon a time, the only people aware of Autodesks existence were people involved in the CAD or 3D modelling world. All very high end software and very very expensive. Today, Autodesk have a large selection of Apps available on both iOS and Android smartphones. Sure some of them are still aimed at their core market, but with the recent releases such as Sketchbook and 123D and the purchase of Pixlr, Instrucatables and Socialcam, Autodesk seem to be making a serious play for the home market.

All of the above, bar Instructables, have free Apps for iOS and Android. Sketchbook does have paid versions available that offer more features, but none of them could be seen as big money makers. Perhaps the idea is to attract more and more users to the Autodesk brand, after all, Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk said “In less than two years, we got 75 million people using our consumer 3-D software. In professional software, it took us 35 years to reach 12 million customers.”

Anyway, for more on the deal, check out the official press release here and this article from the New York Times.

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