Wednesday, 25 July 2012

AutoCAD WS 1.5 for Android, iOS and Web

New AutoCAD WS Splashscreen

Autodesk released their latest version of AutoCAD WS for Android and iOS devices today and it can be downloaded from their respectable app stores for free. They have also updated their web app too, just logon to to get the new version.

So, just what is new in the latest release? I’ll let the AutoCAD WS team explain it…. “With this new release we have added the Design Feed to both the mobile and the web app. The Design Feed is a major leap forward for AutoCAD WS giving users an in-drawing, interactive feed that enables context-specific posts and responses to turn your drawing into a living document.”

That all sounds good, but just what is Design Feed?? Well, “Using the Design Feed you can attach a post to a specific point or area in your drawing to draw attention to a feature of your design and encourage discussion.” 

You can also now insert a drawing in AutoCAD WS. You can resize it and reposition it just like any other object.

Still wondering about the features?? Well watch the video below or check out their blog over here.


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