Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Draftsight V1R2.0 Released

Draftsight have just announced the release of DraftSight V1R2.0 which includes the following enhancements:

  • Fields - A field is updatable text that is set up to display data that may change during the life cycle of the drawing.
  • Enhanced Layer Filters.
  • New APIs (application programming interfaces) for accessing the application, creating regions, and accessing printing functions with the DraftSight Premium Pack for enterprises or educational institutions. The Premium Pack is an affordable technical support and services package designed to help manage CAD requirements by providing support with software deployment, customization, and integration.
  • New ePDM connector for customers that have invested in the DraftSight Premium Pack or ePDM.

I jumped right in and downloaded the latest version this morning. It certainly doesn’t look any different, but then why should it. It does seem to be more responsive, although that could be my imagination, I do have quite a vivid one!

I’ve been using it all morning on an active project and so far so good. I’ve not had any issues with it. If you have customised Draftsight in any way (I haven’t), you might want to back up your configuration before upgrading.

On a side note, I’d love to get my hands on the Premium Pack, but unfortunately, it is only available for purchase in blocks of 5 licences. Lisp functionality is something I could really do with, as I have many routines I like to use. I don’t expect Lisp functionality to be in the free version, but it would be nice if a single Draftsight licence could be purchased.

DraftSight V1R2.0 for Windows, OSX and Linux can be downloaded here.

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