Thursday, 12 April 2012

CAD Clues App


CAD Clues is a great site for CAD Tips and Tricks interspersed with some CAD related news. They have had a free Android and iOS app available for some time and I have it installed on my Samsung Galaxy S2. I was tinkering around last night and wondered if I could convert it to run on my Blackberry Playbook. As you may know, the Playbook has the ability to run Android apps that have been run through the Playbook convertor.

I downloaded the app, converted it to a BAR file and then signed the BAR file so it could be loaded on to my Playbook. I used DDPB to load the app on to my Playbook and once installed, I ran it. Everything looked good, the main page worked fine. I then switched over to the Twitter feed page. On first run, the Twitter feed was a bit of a mess, legible, but a mess. I closed out of the app and restarted it again and the Twitter feed looked fine.

I believe that CAD Clues are going to add the app to the Blackberry App World, but if you want to download the app and know how to use DDPB, then you can get the BAR file from their website. Check it out over here. If you have no idea how to sideload apps on to the Blackberry Playbook using DDPB, check this brief tutorial.

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