Tuesday, 20 March 2012

No sex please, we’re Blackberry.

As some of you will know, I own a Blackberry Playbook Tablet. It’s an excellent tablet, feels great in the hand, nice screen and great price. There are a few apps missing that would make it great. Skype would be one, some form of SMB Browser would be another and finally Zinio, the digital magazine app.

Well today, Zinio finally arrived. I eagerly installed it, logged in and was instantly disappointed. I have a few subscriptions on my account, 2 of which are Maxim and Playboy. I’m a guy, I like look at ladies, reading about gadgets, sports and music and Maxim covers those bases. Playboy? Well it was banned for so long here in Ireland that it would be sinful not to buy it now that it is freely available, plus the articles are fantastic :).

For some reason, RIM (along with Apple and Google on their platforms), have decided that I, an adult well over the age of 18, should not be allowed view these publications that I purchased, on the tablet that I purchased. How do I know it’s RIM that are doing this? Well Zinio helpfully posted this on their website in the last few hours “Please note that due to RIM restrictions, content that is PG-13 and up (such as Maxim) will not be viewable on the Playbook.” Zinio also saw fit to reply to my tweet and posted this “This is RIM's decision, unfortunately. We would love to offer all our content on the platform.”

I understand that the Blackberry Playbook runs RIMs OS, so they are lord and master of their domain, but surely there has to be a workaround to this stupid decision. Otherwise it’s bye bye Zinio, Maxim and Playboy….


Thankfully, after a concerted effort by Blackberry Playbook users, RIM and Zinio have finally sorted this issue out. Whilst the likes of Playboy will not be available through the Playbook App, Maxim and other magazines rated similarly, will now be available. If only other companies listened too and acted on customer complaints this quickly.

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