Friday, 27 January 2012

Stop SOPA Ireland


It’s not often that you will see me getting political on this blog, I normally save that for the pub when my friends are drunk, but the actions of Minister Sean Sherlock and his latest bit of law making here in Ireland need to given the widest public arena possible. We have all heard of SOPA and how it faired in the US. Well Ireland has it’s own version and it is due to be passed as law this month without members of Dáil Éireann voting on the matter.

I have no problem with copyright being enforced, but there are ways and means to do it that will not hamper legitimate businesses. Minister Sherlock seems to be taking advice from one side and one side only on this debate and as we all know, a one sided debate is to dictate.

It would seem that Minister Sherlock knows that there is something inherently wrong with his bill as he is introducing this law without a vote in the Oireachtas. Why did we bother to vote and elect people to Dáil Éireann if a Minister can choose to ignore the members??

One might be paranoid and say that if they can enact this law without a vote in the Oireachtas, then what other laws can they put through with out a valid debate or vote?

If you feel annoyed, aggrieved and upset not only by this law, but also by the means it is been enacted, then check out the Stop SOPA Ireland site and put your name to the petition.

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