Friday, 28 October 2011

Autodesk 123D Beta 7

The latest beta version of Autodesk 123D has just been released.

Just what is Autodesk 123D I hear you ask. Well Autodesk describe it as “a free solid modelling software program based on the same Autodesk technology used by millions of designers and engineers worldwide. Not an engineer? No problem, with Autodesk 123D you can design precise and makeable objects using smart tools that let you start with simple shapes and then edit and then tweak them into more complex shapes.”

Sounds simple? Well actually it is. Why not try for yourself. You can download Beta 7 of this amazing software here. Check out the videos below to find out just what is new in Beta 7.


Whats new in 123D Beta 7 - Part 1


Whats new in 123D Beta 7 - Part 2


Whats new in 123D Beta 7 - Part 3


Whats new in 123D Beta 7 - Part 4

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