Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Oxegen 2011–Day Two

Somewhere over night, someone robbed my feet and replaced them with two stumps that I could barely hobble on… but hobble I did and off I went for Day Two of Oxegen.

After a nice hot shower, a fantastic breakfast and a quick snooze, it was time to rock out again and first up on the Main Stage were old favourites, Big Country. Mike Peters, formerly of The Alarm, now fronts the band (original singer Stuart Adamson died back in 2001) and whilst his voice may not be as strong as it used to be, he worked the crowd well, ably assisted by Bruce Watson on lead guitar. It’s just a shame I never got to see the original line up.


After Big County, I relaxed for a while before heading off to the Heineken Green Spheres tent for The Pretty Reckless. I must admit, I felt a bit like a dirty old man watching Taylor Momsen bump and grind her way around stage in a barely there costume, but the girl can sing and the band can play. All in all, it was a very enjoyable show, I was pleasantly surprised.


Over on the Main Stage, Plan B was doing his mix of UK Soul and Rap and doing it well. Oxegen seems to like Plan B. His mix of sing a long choruses and quick fire rap went down well with the crowd last year and this year is no different. Good stuff.


It was time to go see Imelda May, but on the way, I stopped off to catch some Eliza Doolitte in the 2FM / Hot Press Academy. What a fantastic voice she has. I’m not sold on her type of music, but she can sing and in a world of auto tuned pop stars, that should count for a lot.


Anyway, Imelda May was starting so it was a quick march off to the Vodafone Stage. What is there to say about Imelda May that has not been said already? She has an amazing voice, sings from her heart, obviously loves what she is doing and for me, is the gig of the weekend. Irish Rockabilly, you can’t beat it!


After that, all that was left to do was wait around for the Foo Fighters to appear on the Main Stage. To pass the time, I watched the Arctic Monkeys. I liked their first album, but after that, I lost interest. However, they still got the crowd going and who doesn’t like to bounce around to “I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor”

Finally it was time for the Foo Fighters. I had high hopes as I do like FF and had seen them 3 times previously. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, they didn’t click with me tonight. Starting the show with two new tracks probably didn’t help much. The key to playing festivals is to play the hits. That’s what the majority of the crowd wants, but the Foo Fighters too too long to do so and by then people were leaving in their droves from the back of the crowd.

And so ended day two on a slight downer. Roll on day three.

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