Thursday, 14 July 2011

Oxegen 2011–Day Three

Day three of Oxegen did not get off to the best start…. I missed The Saturdays!!! It was my own fault, I fell asleep watching Dublin play Wexford in the Leinster final.

We made it in for the last 20 minutes of Ke$ha. Her music does nothing for me, but she is an attractive young lady and who doesn’t like to look at attractive ladies?? She drew a huge crowd, much bigger than I thought she would and the seemed to like her.

Anyway, Ocean Colour Scene were starting in the Heineken Green Spheres tent, so I headed on over. I’ve never been to a bad OCS gig and todays was no different. The crowd went wild from the start and never stopped singing. Fantastic stuff.


Next up it were the Manic Street Preachers on the Main Stage. I thought they would have pulled a larger crowd than Ke$ha, but I was wrong. Still, it didn’t stop them belting out hit after hit after hit. Fun times in the pit, though thankfully there was no moshing…. I’m just too old for that these days!


Slash was up next on the Main Stage. I must admit I had reservations about his gig and didn’t bother going back to the pit for it. In hindsight, that was a bad idea! It was a fantastic gig and Myles Kennedy was a fantastic singer, great voice too. Personally I thought he sang the G n’ R stuff better than Axel.

Finally it was the turn of Beyonce on the Main Stage. I only stayed long enough to have a look at her and find out that unlike some of her pop world rivals, she can sing live and look good whilst doing it!


After leaving Beyonce, I headed off to the VIP area for a quite break and a drink. The VIP area would be nice if it wasn’t for all the arseholes pretending to be important, but then that goes with the territory I suppose.

I left the VIP and went over to see The National on the Vodafone Stage. I had no clue about them before I went and I had no clue about them after I left. They sounded good, but black clothes on a black stage with dim lighting is a bad idea guys!! I could hardly see the band and I was up the front!


After The National, I went to see Coldplay on the Main Stage. Coldplay did exactly what Coldplay always do. Lots of earnest singing and beautiful melodic tunes. I left after 30 minutes and went to watch Pendulum over on the Vodafone Stage. I had no idea I knew some Pendulum tracks, but I did and they put on a fantastic show. I may not be their target audience though!

I managed to catch the end of Coldplay back on the Main Stage, though I missed the duet with Christy Moore unfortunately. After that, well… that was it, that was Oxegen 2011 done and dusted. Nothing left to do but go party for the rest of the night.

Oxegen 2011 was a great festival. The line up was great, though I would have preferred to see some of the bigger Irish acts on the list.

The highlights for me were Imelda May, Ocean Colour Scene, The Pretty Reckless, Whipping Boy and House of Pain. I’m sure I left someone out there, but my memory is now a tad fuzzy and the photographs don’t help much!

Roll on Oxegen 2012!

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