Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Draftsight update released

Windows, Mac and Linux versions of Draftsight from Dassault have been updated and are now available for download from www.draftsight.com Some of the new enhancements are as follows.

Smart Dimensions - One dimension tool to do all your dimensions. I tried this out earlier today and it worked well. It certainly is quicker having one tool to do all your dimension needs.

Smart Dimension Tool

Dimensions on Sheets to Model Geometry - You can now place dimensions on a sheet for an object that resides in model space. Quite a handy tool, but just be careful that you don’t pan around in your viewport and mess up the dimensions.

Linked Dimensions in Sheet Mode

Flipping Dimension Arrows - Users can now flip dimension arrows so that they are either inside or outside the dimension extension lines. I think the video will help explain it better than that!

Flip Dimension Arrows

Check out www.draftsight.com for more information about Draftsight and for download links.

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