Friday, 24 June 2011

TurboViewer from IMSI


There is a contender to crown. No longer is AutoCAD WS the only DWG viewer on iOS! Originally released back on June 8th for the iPad, TurboViewer from IMSI (TurboCAD, DoubleCAD XT) has today arrived on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

iphone2 iphone1

IMSI say that TurboViewer is built from the ground up and is specifically optimised for mobile devices. At the moment those mobile devices all belong to Apple, but in a tweet to me today, @TurboViewer confirmed that an Android version is coming soon.

IMSI are describing TurboViewer as follows “TurboViewer may be the fastest 2D and 3D drawing viewer on any platform”. That’s a mighty big boast to live up to! I don’t have an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, so I haven’t tried the software and therefore can’t comment on that boast. If anyone has tried it, feel free to comment below.


According to IMSI,  TurboViewer is the first and only native DWG viewer that supports both 2D and 3D CAD DWG files for the iOS platform. You can view drawing files by sending an email with DWG or DXF attachment to your iPad/iPhone email client. The drawing files can also be viewed through Web downloads, FTP, Dropbox and WebDav systems.

Additional features of  include:

  • Send DWG and DXF files via email attachment and open with TurboViewer.
  • View DWG and DXF files from the web, FTP, Dropbox, WebDAV.
  • Instant full screen preview while drawing is still loading.
  • Save time with the ability to cancel a file during load.
  • Restore saved AutoCAD® Views to quickly display the best visions of your design.
  • Supports AutoCAD linetypes to maintain visual fidelity as intended.
  • Autosenses 2D or 3D drawings and sets the appropriate multi-touch navigation mode.


You will notice that there is no mention of editing drawings like you can do in AutoCAD WS. It would appear that TurboViewer is only, as it’s name suggests, a very fast drawing viewer.

So, there we go. After a few years with no DWG viewers on iOS, we now have two, both free! Those with keen eyes will notice in the image above, that there is a another version entitled TurboViewer Pro in the works. Given the “Pro” in the title, I would imagine that it might not be free.

As I said above, if anyone has any feedback about TurboViewer, I would love to hear it. Feel free to post below.

**** The images above are taken from the TurboViewer Facebook page. Some of the text is from the TurboViewer product page.****

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