Friday, 10 June 2011

IntelliCAD 7 release announced


Two long awaited releases happened today.

First off, the above mentioned Intellicad 7 release has been announced by the ITC. Intellicad 7 was first mentioned at the IntelliCAD World Conference in 2005. A lot has changed in the cheap end of the CAD world since then.

Bricsys, who did a fantastic job of pushing the boundaries of developing IntelliCAD, completely rewrote their CAD engine and left the ITC. CADopia, who were the first to release a version of IntelliCAD after it was set free from Visio, left the ITC under a dark dark cloud. Finally Graebert have entered AutoCAD clone market and their engine has been successfuly used by both Dassault (with their free Draftsight package) and by the relaunched CADopia (CADopia 11).

I haven’t had a chance to try a copy of IntelliCAD 7 yet, hopefully progeSOFT or ZWCAD will release an updated version of their products soon. It will be interesting to see just how much they have improved IntelliCAD.


The second of the long awaited releases today was Duke Nukem Forever. It has taken 15 years for the follow up to classic Duke Nukem 3D to arrive.

Was it worth the wait? Well no, no it wasn’t and I’m very disappointed. Sure it has all the sound bites, comedy and violence of DN3D, but it just doesn’t work. The graphics are just shocking, they are dated and flat. They don’t compare well to any modern 3D shooter. To make matters worse, the game play is just boring, it’s just not interesting or exciting.

15 years it took to come up with this follow up. 15 minutes is all it took for me to realise that it was terrible.

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