Sunday, 1 May 2011

AutoCAD WS and DropDav update

I mentioned previously that I was having issues with AutoCAD WS and DropDav on Android. Basically, the problem was that AutoCAD WS would only read drawings up to the second folder level.

The diagram below shows my Dropbox Folder Structure. I can open files from the folders highlighted in green. I cannot open files from the folders highlighted in pink.

Obviously that’s not good enough… You can’t have all your projects in the one folder. Well you could, but it would be a nightmare to manage!!

I raised the issue with AutoCAD WS on Facebook and tonight they told me the following “Due to feedback from our users we're working to improve it and hope to upload some improvements next week. In the next update we'll support unlimited number of folders in the mobile app.“

So, hopefully the next update of AutoCAD WS for Android will rectify the issue.

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