Thursday, 26 May 2011

Aldi to sell Saorview Receiver


It’s been a while coming, but Aldi are finally launching a DTT receiver with official Saorview certification. I could be wrong, but at €79.99, I think it is the cheapest Saorview receiver on sale at the moment.


For more information on the Saorview receiver, click here.

For more information on Saorview, click here.


Anonymous said...

Hi CAD Monkey (I used to do a lot of zooming in and out myself)
Will it record onto usb using NTFS or NFS as a fat usb file system means it'll have limited time to record.

CAD Monkey said...


Sorry, I can't comment on what format the usb drive needs to be, sorry. I didn't buy one in the end. I bought one of these instead:

The Ariva can use NTFS or Fat32

Anonymous said...

Cool what made you choose it and are you happy with it?

Does it record in Hd?

Does it have an epg so you can queue things to record?

Is there a site to get firmware

Also what was the postage?

I was looking at this combo box in Power City

Its a fair bit more expensive than your one but yours looks better on paper.

Many Thanks In Advance


CAD Monkey said...

Hi Bill.

What made me choose it? Well the reviews on were a major factor and I trust Tony in I've been buying off him for 6 or 7 years now and he has not steered me wrong.

There is a full 7 day epg for the saorview channels, but for the freesat ones, there is only now and next. You will only get a full 7 day epg either on a sky box or on an official freesat box. Actually, thats not exactly true, some of the linux based receivers also have them, but they are expensive.

It can indeed record HD, pause live tv and rewind.

Firmware can be downloaded from he official site.

I think P&P added on another 6 euro to the price. That was next day delivery.

The Power City site doesnt want to load for me tonight, so I can't compare the two boxes.

For more information on the Ariva Combo,check out this link:

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