Thursday, 21 April 2011

Issue with AutoCAD WS and DropDav

First up, I’ll readily admit that the problem may well be with me and not anything to do with AutoCAD WS on Android at all. There, that’s out of the way.

I have set up AutoCAD WS to connect to my Dropbox folder using DropDav. Using the Chrome browser on my PC, I can access the DropDav folder and all the files contained in it through AutoCAD WS. It works fine and I have no issue with it on that platform.

My problem arises when I use AutoCAD WS on Android. I open up the App and my DropDav folder is displayed, you can see it in the image below.


I click on the dropdav folder and it opens up and shows the following list of subfolders.


I then click on Dwgs and it opens up my projects folder.


I then select a project, in this case 2000-AA and that folder opens and I am informed that the folder is empty.


So, my question is, what the hell am I doing wrong??? Does it take time for the folders to sync with AutoCAD WS? Am I doing something stupid, am I impatient? Am I destined to rot in hell when I die? Actually on the last point, I probably am, but that’s my own fault. If you know what’s going wrong for me, feel free to comment below.

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CAD Monkey said...

Just a minor update, files in the root folder are accessible... So any file directly in the folder DWG can be opened, but anything in a sub directory can't.

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