Sunday, 27 March 2011



Every so often, when I have a few Euro spare, I like to buy a game for my PS3. I know the type of game I like, it involves lots of shooting and killing, but not too much thought or effort on my behalf. That’s whey I like the Battlefield Bad Company series. They offer excellent game play and hours of fun, but you don’t need to have a degree in modern warfare to play them.

Anyway, one day last week I had €50 burning a hole in my pocket. I had seen the adverts for Homefront on TV and the premise of the game was interesting. For those of you who know nothing about the game, the back story is as follows. North and South Korea unite and become the Greater Korean Republic. The Koreans then decide to take over the world inch by inch. We join the game in Montrose, Colorado as Robert Jacobs, a former Marine helicopter pilot and set about kicking their ass.

Like most games these days, there are 2 game play modes, Single Player and Online. The single player game is great, but far too short. I am far from a serious gamer and had it finished over the weekend. It’s annoying, but I figured that given what I had seen in the single player game, I’d really enjoy the online game.

This is where the serious problems start. Just trying to get in to an online game is a challenge in its self. In some cases, I have been waiting over 10 minutes just to get into a game, other times it just will not connect at all. I know it is not a problem with my setup as other people are reporting the exact same issues. When you finally do get in to the online games, it is great fun. The game areas are large with lots of sneaky hiding places to pick off the enemy from, or sneak out of and slice their throats. Dare I say it, it is almost as good as Battlefield Bad Company for online game play.

Overall I am left with a strong sense of frustration with Homefront. What should be a great online game has been ruined by a shocking backend service from the developers. If the servers for online games were not in place or under resourced, then why the hell did they release the game?? I paid €50 to play Homefront, not to sit watching a screen hoping and praying that it might, just might let me into an online game.

Kaos and THQ Studios need to get their finger out of their arses and sort these issues out. What should have been an 8/10 rating bear scrapes 4/10 from me. As my old school reports used to say, has the ability, but needs to try a lot harder.

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