Monday, 21 February 2011

C4 HD on Freesat soon.


It has been known for a while now that Channel 4 HD is on its way to Freesat in April, but speculation on where it was going to fit and when it was going to launch has been rife on many satellite boards.

According to, Channel 4 HD is expected to go Free To Air (FTA) on March 10th and should appear on the Freesat EPG on April 1st. It is also reported that they will be staying on Eurobird 1 and not moving to Astra 2D as first thought.

Joinfreesat also hint that there may well be more HD channels from the Channel 4 stable on their way. I wonder how they will circumvent any rights issues that may occur as Eurobird 1 can be received around Europe with relative ease.

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