Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Guess who’s back, back again..

No, not Slim Shady, it’s CADopia who are back. 


You may recall that CADopia were having some issues with the IntelliCAD® Technology Consortium (ITC) which stopped them selling their brand of IntelliCAD.  I have no idea whether that dispute is settled or not, but CADopia have finally moved on and have a new version of their software available, namely CADopia 11.

CADopia 11 is no longer based on IntelliCAD, it is based on the same Ares Technology by Graebert that also powers Dassault Systèmes Draftsight.

I have only briefly tested the evaluation version of CADopia 11, but just like Draftsight, it works well and should be easily accessible to AutoCAD and IntelliCAD users alike.  I hope to test it out more thoroughly over the Christmas break, and will post a blog about my findings early in the new year.

I have to say, it is good to have CADopia back in the game.  I have used their software since their beta of IntelliCAD 2000 was released back in 1999.  I still use CADopia 8 Professional for producing all my CAD work.

Finally, to anyone who reads this blog, Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Anonymous said...

"it is good to have CADopia back in the game."

Why would you have that opinion?

Do you somehow believe that this company who is dishonest enough to continue selling technology they had been banned from selling by the courts, who felt it was their right to take something profit from it and thumb there nose at the courts judgement, going so far as to move their website every few weeks to stay ahead of the cease and desist notices, do you believe the CAD community is somehow enriched by this sort of moral bankruptcy?

I don't mean to put you on the spot, I really don't... I just feel that if people really examine the lengths this company went to so they could steal property they had been banned from selling, using, even possessing, the games of cat and mouse and put in the position of constant vigil for the next time they pop up and start selling property that is not theirs to sell there might be a little less hero worship and a lot more outrage... At the very least you'd think people would have second thoughts about doing business with cheaters, liars and thieves. Oh, I forgot, many of you probably do business with Autodesk...

CAD Monkey said...

Over the years, I have found CADopia to be very helpful to me as an end user, unlike other software companies who blatantly ignore their user base.

I have no idea whether CADopia have sorted their issues out with the ITC or not, but it would seem that Graebert are more than happy to do business with them.

You talk about moral bankruptcy and outrage. It has been shown time and time again that the man on the street cares very little for morals.

People may complain about sweatshops in the Third World, but they still wear the clothes because they are cheap. They may complain about how mega stores are putting the local shop out of business, but still they go where the goods are cheapest.

With regards to Autodesk, I don't do business with them. I have never owned a copy of AutoCAD.

As for progeCAD, I have previously blogged about it and have had nothing but praise for it.

Anonymous said...

Here is more on moral bankruptcy, read on:

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