Monday, 4 October 2010

Skype and Android…..



I really wish Skype would release an app for Google Android. I don’t see what the big issue is, there is already an app for the iPhone and various Nokia and Sony Ericsson phones.

It seems really silly to me as it won’t be long before Google release their own VOIP application for Android and it will be too late then for Skype.

Think about it, if you currently use Skype on your desktop, and if it was available for your mobile, chances are you would use it. As we know though, it is not available and thee is no sign of it coming any time soon.

When Google release their software here in Ireland, it will be available both on your computer and your Android phone. It would seem to me that the obvious thing to do would be to migrate over to Google's new service at that stage.

Whilst it is bad enough not having Skype on my Android phone, it is made many times worse by Skype's refusal to give a reason for the lack of an app. Skype seem to be burying their head in the sand and hoping that this issue will just go away, unfortunately for Skype, it won’t.

Will there be a Skype in 2 years time? Possibly, but unless their position changes, they will be surpassed by Google and its voice offerings.7

*** Update ***

Amazing news, today, less than 24hrs after publishing the blog above, Skype have finally released Skype for Android.  I have tried it on Wi-Fi, 3G and Edge and it seems to work fine.

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