Thursday, 5 August 2010

Pearl Jam @ The Point Depot June 22nd 2010

The last time I saw Pearl Jam live I was in my early 20’s and living the grunge dream… Wearing shit clothes, bad haircut, not shaving and partying the nights away or some of them at least.

That was back on July 10th 1993 when they played Slane Castle. Back then mobile phones were practically unheard of. Digital cameras were nowhere to be seen and portable audio consisted of a walkman. The internet, feck, none of us knew what that was!!

Roll forward 17 years to a balmy June night in Dublin where Pearl Jam are playing in the Point Depot (I refuse to call it the O2). Whilst time seems to have aged me – we had balcony seats! – It seems to have passed Pearl Jam by!


The set list on the night consisted of 26 to 28 songs, depending on how you count them! Even with a set list that big, they still had to leave out some of the their best of collection, but you can’t have everything.


Highlights on the night were Once, Betterman, Amongst the Waves and Just Breathe. Oh and the other highlight was some tool jumping off the balcony and smacking into he floor!


Anyway, I appreciate that this post is 6 weeks overdue, but I just never got around to it! Yes I know I’m lazy.

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