Sunday, 22 August 2010

Oxegen 2010… Saturday

Hmmmm ok, it has been almost a month since I posted about the Friday of Oxegen 2010 so I figured I should follow it up with a Saturday review.

First up for me was a band I had checked out on YouTube courtesy of a recommendation from friends called Rise Against. I managed about 15 minutes in the pit before I had to get out, I am far too old for that shit, but the band were amazing and the crowd loved them.


Tim McIlrath jumps into the crowd…

On the way back from Rise Against, I stopped off to meet the beautiful Cathy Davey. Unfortunately I missed her gig, sorry Cathy.

Cathy Davey in the Hot Press Signing Tent at Oxegen 2010. Can you see yourself in any of the pictures. If so, click on the link below and enter out competition in association with, to win a giant signed cover.

The lovely Cathy Davey (courtesy of

What next…. Ah yes, I popped over to see Gossip for a while. Now she may not be everyone's idea of a hot woman, but by fuck can Beth Ditto sing. What an incredible voice and she sure puts on an energetic show.


Beth Ditto strutting her stuff.

Next up on a decidedly mixed up Saturday were Hot Chip. I can’t say I knew much of their music before going to see them and I can’t say I know much now, but on the day they were excellent if a tad quirky!!


The quirky Hot Chip.

On to the main attraction of the night, the Black Eyed Peas. Now I am not a big fan of theirs, but….. well Fergie is damn hot!! They played all the hits and had the crowd eating out of their hands. Will.I.Am even managed to slip in a 15 minute DJ set where he somehow managed to fit in some Thin Lizzy!


Did I mention how hot Fergie looked??

To finish off the night and work off the Red Bull, I went to the dance arena to see/listen/dance to Armand Van Helden. I got my groove on for about 30 minutes, burnt off the Bull and headed back to base for the night.

So ends the Saturday of Oxegen 2010. Sunday to follow sometime!! All the pics are mine apart from the pic of Cathy Davey.

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