Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Customer service…

It’s no secret that the customer service at Chorus/NTL left a lot to be desired….

Chorus/NTL have become part of the UPC Group in the last couple of years and have been working hard at rebranding themselves.

Yesterday afternoon my broadband and phone died. Nothing, nada, zilch… Then it would come back and last for a few tantalising minutes and die again. I did all the normal things, turn it off and turn it on again, reseat cables, but the problem was not at my end.

I rang support and got through to a guy who agreed that it was probably an outage in the area and that whilst he had to book an engineer to visit me on site, we could cancel that if and when a outage in my area was found.

At 7:00pm last night I got a call from UPC to say that they had found the fault in the area and were working on it. By 8:00pm last night, everything was back up and working.

I got a call at 12:00pm today to make sure that everything was still working fine and to apologise for the outage in the area and at 5:30pm I got a call to say that my engineer callout was cancelled.  In the old days I would not have got any of those call backs.

Whilst it may seem like a simple thing to ring a client back and check to see if everything is right, not many do and certainly Chorus/NTL did not do so pre the UPC takeover. So credit where credit is due, well done UPC.

In future though, try not to have broadband and phone go down for 8 hours please.

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