Thursday, 22 July 2010

Oxegen 2010… Friday

Another year and another Oxegen Festival done and dusted. Roll on next year, I think!

The weather, like in previous years, had an impact on the festivities. It is difficult to relax and chill out when it is pissing rain and mud is flowing freely! Credit where it is due though, Oxegen staff managed the situation and unlike years previously, the mud was only ankle deep!

Anyway, on to the music. The first band I went to see were the Republic of Loose fronted by the Jesus like (in looks only) Mick Pyro. There should be a rule at festivals, NO NEW SONGS!!! People are there to hear the hits and the classics. Only hardcore fans will care for the new stuff and even then… Well you know what I mean. Anyway, after much new music, the Loose hit top form and finished their set on high.


The Jesus like Mick and the lovely Emily Rose.

Right, where to next….. Ah yes, Gabriella Cilmi. The hot chick of Aussie pop. For those who don’t know what she looks like, this is she..

Gabriella Cilmi gabriellacilmiv_nc

Hellooooooo Gabriella.

This is what I got…


Darwin Deez…. most certainly not Gabriella Cilmi

No, Ms. Cilmi has not had a sex change, just a schedule change. She swapped places with the strange Darwin Deez. Don’t get me wrong, Darwin Deez were good, but, well lets face it, Gabriella Cilmi they are not!

Plan B seems to have risen from nowhere to take his place at the amongst the top of the UK RnB/Soul/Hip Hop scene. He put on a great show and the live band was excellent.


Plan B strutting his stuff..

On to the next one, on to the next one… See what i did there? Yeah? It’s time for Jay Z boy!!! J, as I like to call him, put on a stunning show. Excellent stuff only marred by 2 things.

First off, if you are black, wear black clothing and black shades and are performing on a black stage, it makes it very hard to see you!! Secondly, if Beyonce was there, why didn’t you bring her on stage? The male population of Oxegen would have thanked you from the bottom of their hearts!


Look closely, you can just about see Jay Z!

And so ends the Friday of Oxegen, tune in later for more. Oh yeah, all the pictures are mine, apart from that one of Gabriella Cilmi.

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