Saturday, 19 December 2009

Top 10 Signs you are in a relationship…


  1. You give at least 2 weeks notice before ‘spontaneously’ going out on a Thursday night.

  2. You seem to use the phrase 'What’s the matter?" more than any other in the English language.

  3. You drink orange juice from a glass.

  4. You know what fennel is.

  5. You have spent over €1000 on a 1 week holiday.

  6. You sit on the toilet, reach for FHM and find it buried beneath OK, Hello and VIP.

  7. You use a Brita filter.

  8. You don't even consider looking when her fit friend bends over.

  9. You have a system for everything, laundry, dishes, shopping, cleaning, sex...

  10. You never ever seem to have any money.

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Don G. Asmus said...

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