Monday, 17 August 2009

U2 360

I popped over to London last weekend (as you do) to see the U2 360 tour. Its the 6th time I have seen them live and whilst none compare to Croke Park in 1987, this was still a phenomenal gig.

I could harp on about the gig and how great it was and so on, actually I had, but then I deleted it!! All I am going to do is post an image or 2 of the stage setup, it was possibly the most incredible stage I have ever seen!

Wembley Stadium

The image above was created using Microsoft Ice. you feed it multiple shots of a scene and it combines them to make one big panoramic view. Google the software, it is free and very very easy to use.


That’s a picture of the 360° screen that hangs above the middle of the stage. I think that was taken during Sunday Bloody Sunday and no, I have no idea what the writing means though!


Thats just a random shot of the screen and how it expands down over the stage. It reminded me of the Mother ship in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


I suppose I ought to put in one group shot… Unfortunately this one seems to miss out on Larry!

Anyhow, a great night was had by all (nothing strange there, after all, it was a U2 gig!)

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