Thursday, 16 July 2009

A Strange Year…. is coming up to its first birthday. What a difference a year makes… This time last year, I was just back from a nice holiday in the south of Spain, tanned and relaxed and had made it through Oxegen with a smile on my face. I had a good job and not many worries.

Today, I am neither tanned nor relaxed but I made it through Oxegen alright, still with a smile, though the mud didn’t help!

I lost a good friend in the last year to an illness I never knew he had. How does a friend not know these things? I still am stunned by his death. Two friends got married, I tried my best to put a halt to the proceedings, but sure they were determined to go ahead! One is now a daddy. How long before the other succumbs?

The face of modern day Ireland has changed dramatically… The building industry in in terminal decline.  This rapid decline in fortunes culminated with me losing my job 10 weeks ago. Not exactly the summer I had planned!

I know as I write this that there are many people out there worse off than me, and my thoughts are with them, but sometimes, just sometimes it all gets on top of me. When it does, I try not to let it show, why worry other family members or friends, they have their own problems. It would be nice to have someone to bounce these things off though, apart from anonymous readers (do I even have any, who knows…)

A year of highs and lows… Too many lows and not enough highs. Here is to year 2 of, hopefully it will be better!

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