Friday, 26 June 2009

Some EU stupidity….

This is just stupid, downright stupid.

When Microsoft ships Windows 7 in October of this year, versions sold within the EU will not have Internet Explorer on them due to an EU ruling.

That’s all fine and dandy I hear you say, sure I’ll just download it or Firefox off the internet, no problem at all. And you would be right, no problem at all, for you or me…

But… (and its a big but, a Kim Kardashian size butt), well what if some home user decides to upgrade their PC or laptop but are unaware that they won’t have a browser on their PC after the upgrade?? How will they get one? They can’t logon to to get it… no browser. They can’t logon to to get it… no browser. I guess they will either have to go buy a magazine and get it off a cover DVD or ask a friend nicely if they can download it for them.

Actually I want to correct myself there. EU users of Windows 7 cannot perform an upgrade from any version of Windows to Windows 7. You have to perform a full clean install!!  Go on, guess why?? Have a good guess…. Yes, that’s it, the EU will not allow it!

Now I am all for the EU making life easier for the consumer and for breaking up unfair monopolies, but in this case they have failed miserably to make life easier for the man in the street.

Not only do they have to make sure that they have a browser to hand when they go to install Windows 7, they also have to do a full clean install meaning that they then have to go to the trouble of reinstalling all their software, their printers, their ipods, their cameras…. basically anything they had installed on their PC is not worth a toss.

In fact, take it one step further. Imagine a business decides to upgrade its Vista PC’s to Windows 7, how much longer will it now take to complete one PC install now that a fresh install of the OS and all the software is needed. Oh and lets not forget configuring the network and email clients to…

Thanks EU, thanks a lot for another fucking stupid idea. Its right up there with regulating cucumber curvature!

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