Friday, 26 June 2009

So long MJ….

Well it appears that MJ is dead. Dead of a heart attack at the age of 50. That’s just sad news.

For many, Michael Jackson was the greatest pop performer ever, the self proclaimed King of Pop. For others he was a freak, a wierdo, a pervert.

For me, Off the Wall, Thriller and Bad (all in my CD collection) are three of the classic pop albums. Who out there has not tried to moonwalk at least once?? I remember as a bleary eyed kid staying up till 11pm to watch Channel 4 premiere the video for Thriller. I remember having black slip on shoes and white towelling socks. I remember buying the Bad album in Tower Records Piccadilly Circus back in the late 80’s…. As a musical legend, Michael Jackson is up there with Elvis, Lennon, Hendrix.

The other side of the coin was his eccentricity and the reports of alleged child abuse. He also underwent dramatic facial surgery, yet in an interview with Martin Bashir denied having any facial surgery.

In 1993 he was accused of child sexual abuse by Evan Chandler, father of 13yo Jordan Chandler. On 1st January 1994, Jackson settled out of court with the Chandlers and their legal team for the sum of $22million.

Again in 2005, Jackson faced more child sexual abuse charges involving another 13yo boy, Gavin Arvizo. On 13th June 2005, a jury found Jackson not guilty on all charges.

Even recently, Jackson was the centre of more controversy. Starting on 13th July 2009, he was scheduled to perform for 50 dates at the O2 in London. Jackson hit out at the plan for the gigs saying "I don't know how I'm going to do 50 shows," he said of the gigs, which kick off in July. "I'm not a big eater - I need to put some weight on."

The O2 gigs also were put in doubt when AllGood Entertainment claimed that Jackson must first perform in the US under a contract he signed with the New Jersey-based promoters before embarking on his 50-night stint at the 02 Arena, which was set to begin in July.

So, Michael Jackson, King of Pop is dead, never to moonwalk again. He certainly led a very strange life, a life full of highs and lows, a life full of controversy. I separate MJ the man from MJ the superstar. For me they are 2 different people. MJ the superstar will be sorely missed by all those who love music. MJ the man will always have questions asked about him and his private life.

Hmmm….. I had not intended this blog to be this long… Funny how you can lose track. To finish up, for one last time, I’ll pass you over to MJ. Moonwalk baby, moonwalk!

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