Saturday, 9 May 2009

No need to shout.

Feck, I must be getting old. I went to the pub tonight to have a drink with a friend who lives out of town, actually out of country to be exact.

The recession is obviously biting hard as both pubs we visited were severely lacking in bodies. Anyway, we settled down to have a few drinks and just catch up, it had been several months since we last met. Behind us, three, what could only be described as bog boys, stood having a conversation. I say conversation, but what they were actually doing was shouting at each other. One would shout something, the other would shout louder and then the turd (yes yes, that is what I meant to type),well the third would out do both of his drinking mates and shout them both down.

Now I can understand if there was loud music playing, or if the pub was incredibly busy and noisy or if they were 20 feet apart, but there wasn't, it wasn't and they weren't. They were huddled together, practically hugging! It got so loud that I found it quite difficult to hear my friend speak and he was only a couple of feet from me!!

I don't know... It would be kind of acceptable if this was kids in hi spirits, who has not been loud and obnoxious as a kid drinking in a bar?? I know I have been, but these guys were at least in their 30's and one was in his 50's! Me thinks they need to grow up a little.

Anyway... right enough about that, I have to go pack! This monkey has to fly in the morning. Hopefully I will fair better than that other famous monkey who flew, Albert. Go on, google it, you know you want to.

P.S. Mr. S, if you found this blog, well done :)

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