Wednesday, 6 May 2009

MPAA v Real Networks

So Real Networks have software called RealDVD which allows people to make backup copies of their DVDs. The MPAA is the US is not impressed, no impressed at all. They claim it is illegal under the DMCA.

The MPAA seem to think that RealDVD will allow users to to rip DVDs and post them to the internet. Real hit back and say that any DVD's backed up with RealDVD are only playable on the PC they were ripped on.

First off, well people who rip DVDs and post them on the internet are not the type of people who go and pay for software to do the ripping. There are many many free alternatives on the web that make it quite easy to rip a DVD. The MPAA are fooling themselves if they think that banning RealDVD will achieve anything.

Speaking of fooling themselves, I happen to think that Real are fooling themselves also. Who wants to sit around a PC watching your ripped DVDs??? People rip their movies so they can watch them where they want and when they want. Be that on their PSP, iPod, PS3, Xbox, XBMC or PC / Mac. It has been shown time and time again that restricting users playback of media does not work.

But what about iTunes I hear you shout, they used DRM... Yes yes, iTunes was the successful exception to the rule for many years, but then it was possible to stream your iTunes library using various different extenders. It should also be noted that iTunes has now dropped DRM from its files.

It is no coincidence that the most popular media formats for users ( Xvid, Divx, MKV, Flac, MP3 and others ) are DRM free. People don't like being restricted. If they buy the CD or DVD, they feel, rightly or wrongly, that it is theirs to do with as they please.

Check out for more info on creating backup DVDs.

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