Monday, 27 April 2009

Dublin Bus gobshites...

So, here we are, 2009 and Ireland is in the shits. 100's of people losing their jobs every day, people worrying about how they will feed their children, pay the mortgage and so on...

Then we have Dublin Bus, the public transport provider for Dublin. Note the words highlighted.

Dublin Bus is a State owned company, a subsidiary of CIE. Like all State jobs, it is heavily unionised, so that means getting something done takes a long time, if it gets done at all.

On Sunday, one driver at the Harristown depot decided he did not want to work a new schedule. The new schedule forms part of measures (agreed between workers unions and Dublin Bus) designed to cut costs by €31m. This one driver was then suspended for refusing to work. His colleagues at his depot then walked out in sympathy.

As if that is bad enough, workers in another depot in Clontarf have also walked in solidarity with their brothers!

Now forgive me for not feeling any sympathy here with the driver, but the deal was brokered by his union. If you or I, dear reader, decided that we did not want to do our job, refused to do our job, we would not be suspended, we would be sacked. Why should Dublin Bus be any different?? Sack those involved in this unofficial strike.

This morning, thousands of people, people who have jobs, people who are struggling to hold on to jobs, people going for job interviews are now stranded because of these few bus drivers who see fit to hold the city to ransom. These drivers should be viewed with disgust, with contempt. It is a disgraceful show of people power.

So will their unions come out against this unofficial strike?? Will they fuck. They are spineless.

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