Thursday, 26 March 2009

Self Service Gobshites....

I was doing a bit of grocery shopping the night before last at the local store...

About 2 years ago, they installed some self service tills. They are very handy, you scan, pack and pay for your groceries at the one machine yourself. The queues generally move very quickly.

Anyway, in front of me were 2 ladies, one older than me and one younger than me. Neither were hotties. Both had issues using the self service tills and scanners. One in particular kept scanning the same item, perhaps she was deaf and did not hear the beep, perhaps she was blind and did not see it appear on the screen or perhaps she was just fucking stupid.

The same girl then could not work out why the till flashed up a note indicating that she had removed something from the bagging area, she looked perplexed at this, even though she was holding the damn box of Persil in her hands whilst calling for help!!! Perhaps not only is she deaf, blind, and stupid, she could also be illiterate!

It took her almost 10 minutes to scan, bag and pay for 4 items, 10 minutes!!!

People, if technology perplexes you so much that you have trouble using the self service till, please go to a normal check out, one where a member of staff will scan and bag your groceries. All you have to do then is pay! Surely you will be able to handle that little act!!

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