Friday, 6 March 2009

Possible new tax in Ireland...

There is talk that the Govt. are going to try and raise revenue by taxing text messages from phones.

According to ComReg (Irish Telecoms Regulator), 25million texts are sent everyday here in Ireland. 25million!!!!!

Talk is that the Govt. want to impose a 1 cent tax on each text. So.. lets do the sums..

25million x 365 x .01 = 91.25million Euro a year just from the tax on texts.. That excludes the extra texts sent on holiday periods. Vodafone say that their customers sent over 27million texts on Christmas Day and New Years eve alone... Lets not forget that other great day for texting too, St. Patricks Day.

In reality, it looks like the tax could bring in upwards of 100million Euro a year.

It would probably add about 1euro to 1.50 euro on to my bill every month.

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