Sunday, 22 March 2009

And more Irish Success..

Bernard Dunne is the WBA World Super Bantamweight World Champion!!!! He knocked out Ricardo Cordoba in the 11th.

Dunne got the first knockdown in the 3rd round, he floored Cordoba. Cordoba got back up and knocked Dunne to the floor twice in the 5th round. After that, the fight swung back and forth, perhaps in Dunnes favour.

On to the 10th and it started to look like Dunnes night and then in the 11th, Dunne had Cordoba on the canvas 3 times within seconds. After the 3rd, he didn't get up, couldn't get up... It took him 5 or 6 minutes to regain conciousness and left the ring on a stretcher.

Well.... what a weekend, 6 nations champions with a Grand Slam victory over Wales and Bernard Dunne, World Champion!

Its all Hunky Dory!!!!

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