Sunday, 22 February 2009

Red Bull makes my....

Nose itch!!!

I spent Thursday and Friday of this week wallowing in self pity. I didn't even bother getting dressed on Thursday and only for the fact that I had arranged to meet an old friend for lunch on Friday, I probably would not have went out that day either. Hmm.... that's not good.

My 3 day week generally is Tuesday to Thursday with Monday and Friday off. That suits me to be honest as Friday is generally a day when some friends are around as they leave work early. Mondays are not too bad either because, well because you don't suffer from Monday morning blues!

My working week has temporarily changed to Monday to Wednesday leaving me with Thursday and Friday off instead. That sucks.. No one is around on a Thursday and therefore there is no incentive to do anything that day. I think had I not made lunch plans, the "can't be arsed doing anything" feeling could very well have followed over on to the Friday. I can understand how long term unemployed can get depressed. I think I will have to be careful this week...

Anyway, it is/was Saturday night and recession or not, I was going out. I arranged to meet "the lads" in our new favourite local for a few drinks. I don't drink booze anymore, I haven't done in a long time, so, depending on the night, I may have a few Red Bulls to liven me up, give me a bit of a buzz.

I had forgotten that Red Bull makes my nose itch... jaysus it was annoying. I seemed to spend all night scratching it.

By the way, when did Poker become a sport???? WTF was it doing on one of the sports channels???

One thing that annoyed me tonight was that we seemed to be ignored by the bar staff. Now this probably was not on purpose, it was just carelessness by the bar staff. When I finally got served, I politely mentioned the fact to the bar man and to be fair, from then on he regularly checked in on us.

On a side note, there was this girl in the bar tonight. She had a tattoo of a daisy chain i think, that rose from beneath her blouse and up and over one of her breasts. I have to say, I was intrigued, but as per usual, I pretty much kept myself to myself and said nothing to her. I did offer her a sausage though.... :)

Anyway... I will not succumb to some form of unemployment depression!! I work 3 days a week. That's 3 days more than many out there. I can still pay the bills and still go out every now and again with my friends. My life's not that bad when you really look at it :)

Right, it's late, it is time for bed!

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