Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Windows 7 Beta...

1.5 hrs to download the beta... Not too bad for a 2.5GB download here in Ireland.

Just under 3 hrs for an upgrade from Vista to W7.

10 minutes to realise that it just would not connect to my wireless network regardless of what I did. It could see it, it just would not or could not connect to it.

1.5 hrs doing a fresh install of Vista.

2 hours of updates.

Time well spent??? Hmmmm....

To be fair, I did not give W7 a fair chance after I discovered it would not connect to the wireless network, but then, the whole point of having wifi and a laptop is so that networking would be wireless.

Maybe I'll try it on a different PC, one without wireless.

For the record, the laptop was a Sony Vaio VGN N38e.

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