Thursday, 15 January 2009

Bye bye Dell..

So Dell are moving their plant from Limerick to somewhere in Poland. It had to happen sooner or later, workers are just far cheaper to hire in Poland than they are here in Ireland. It is a sad fact of life that companies will go where labour is cheaper. In 10 years time, Dell will move on from Poland to the next cheap European country.

Obviously workers at the Dell plant won't take any comfort in the fact that we knew it would happen sooner rather than later. From where I am sitting though, their redundancy package looks a lot sweeter than the statutory one I will be receiving if things do not pick up.

According to the press, they are getting 6 weeks for each year they are there up to a maximum of 52 weeks pay. Me? I am facing 2 weeks pay for each year I am with the company... I think we can all agree that there is a massive difference between statutory payments and what Dell are giving.

I can't help but feel that Dell will lose a lot of good will purchases in this country. Many businesses bought Dell because they were made here in Ireland. By buying Dell, you were supporting job creation and the local economy.

For others, they stopped buying Dell when Dell decided to move its Customer Service & Tech support to India.

At the best of times, it is difficult enough to get Tech. Support to understand your problems. throw an obvious language and accent barrier in to the mix and it makes for mayhem. If I can't properly understand the Tech. Support Technician and he cannot understand me, then how are we going to fix the problem quickly?

It also seems many companies are using VOIP to transfer calls between Ireland and their Tech. Support base. This adds in a frustrating lag in the conversation and also makes it incredibly difficult to hear the agent.

Is it too difficult to ask that the Tech. Support / Customer Support agent have as their native language, the laguage for the country he or she is supporting??

Anyway, back to Dell. I find it hard to believe that Dell will not suffer from a drop of sales here in Ireland. There is a general feeling of ill will against them now. People generally do not believe that Dell only made the decision to quit Ireland withing the last few weeks. It is widely believed that the descision was taken at least 3 years ago when they started looking at sites in Poland.

Anyway.... back to the drawing board.

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