Friday, 3 October 2008

F*cking Apple!

My name is Cad Monkey and I'm a gadget freak. There I've said it. god that feels good to get it off my chest!

I don't normally go out and buy the latest gadgets though, I wait a while and buy the next version. I generally let them work out the bugs before I buy.

I decided I wanted an Apple iPod Touch. Apple recently launched version 2 of this delightful piece of kit and I thought to myself, "I WANT ONE".

I have tried 5 shops, 3 in the UK and 2 in Ireland and have been unable to purchase one. They are all out of stock. Maybe they should take down the large posters that say "Apple iPod Touch Now In Stock!"

Seriously though, surely Apple in their infinite wisdom knew that these were going to be a hit. Why the hell then can't they get enough stock to suppliers??? I was quoted a 2 week waiting time by a store in Dublin last night. 2 weeks!!!

Well f*ck you Apple. You can take your iPod Touch and shove it up your hole. I have decided that I am not going to wait 2 weeks for you to get your act together and get the stock back in to stores.

It would seem that at this stage, I am destined never to own one of those shiny little music boxes. I shall make do with my 1G Nano with a whopping 2gig of space!

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